Classy Girls

As quickly as possible

Row 1k
30 Squat Cleans (135/95)
50 Burpees

Coaches Notes

The goal you should set for yourself today is to catch every clean at the bottom of a full squat. I don’t want to see any power cleans unless you have a well known physical limitation. The squat clean is an amazing leg and core exercise. Yes it is harder than a power clean, yes your legs will burn more after the 1k row, but that is why you should learn how to do it. So suck it up today, and let’s see everyone doing full squat cleans!


  1. Paul07/11/2012

    I dont use no stinking band! Chest to bar only

  2. Holy Crap that wod was a killer!
    65#, 16:45 – burpees definitely got me at the end!

  3. I found a pretty great website that is never featured on the foodee project. She isn’t technically paleo, but she cooks with fresh, local, in season ingredients. She has some paleo recipes, but the ones that aren’t are pretty easily adaptable – just wanted to share. Enjoy! :)

    • ash07/11/2012

      Awesome. You can cook dinner for me tonight!

    • Koy07/11/2012

      thanks for sharing Dev.

      • Shut up Mark!! I’ve been going in the AM this week. It’s too damn hot in the afternoons!

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