The Rip Tide

A1 – Clean

5×2 @ 90%

A2 – Dumbbell Press

5×5 (heavy)


Kettlebell Swing

Coaches Notes

For today’s workout, rest 1 minute between each set of Clean and DB Press.

Due to Spencer being out of town for the CrossFit Games in California next week, we are going to postpone the Olympic Lifting Class. The new beginner cycle will now start the week of July 16th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any other questions, email Spencer.


  1. Has anyone done this today? Sounds kind of fun even though we did tons of kb swings & wall ball yesterday. See you guys at 5:30.

    • Jodi07/05/2012

      I did it this morning! It was a good, quick workout!

  2. Lindsey, I thought you said 530 am! No wonder you weren’t there! Leslie and I were looking for you!! I like the second part of the workout! Cleans, not so much…..

    • Yeah, I found out my in-laws aren’t coming over tonight after all. So I decided to not even attempt getting up for the 5:30 a.m. Sorry ladies! Lauren, the cleans are the best part! :)

  3. Lesley07/05/2012

    Aaahhhhh!! Lindsey! Lauren and I told you 5:30am yesterday! Haha. It’s a good one, even though part if it was a ton like the misery of yesterday’s workout :-) in a good way

  4. I know, but I didn’t fully commit to going in the morning. Sorry! :)
    It was a good one. 90# on the cleans/20# db press; 8:33 on second part with 26# kb & 10# ball.

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