Everything Goes My Way

As quickly as possible

20 Muscle-ups or 40 Handstand Pushups

Rest 5 minutes

3 Rounds

50 Double Unders
400m Run

Coaches Notes

For those of you interested in doing the Katy Trail 5k, Ashleigh has been nice enough to provide a discount to our members. If you register here using AirdyneDevil7 you will receive $5 off the registration fee. If you want to prove to yourself that CrossFit can prepare you for longer distances, this is a fun and easy way to test out your 5k time. Plus, there will be plenty of fun stuff to do afterwards.


  1. Fitz03/13/2012

    Deep needs this song in the music rotation – Bassnectar Timestretch

  2. Hate running – 10+ minutes for part 2 today – must buy jump rope TODAY, 40 HSPU w/ 24 inch box for part 1. Thanks Josh – great instruction/tips for skill building today!

  3. ash03/14/2012

    We’ll also have some Paleo food options at the race :)

    • Mark Russell03/14/2012

      Speaking of – can we get some of it early for Matt? Looks like he may need it :D

  4. I’m in for it! This race is great if you haven’t done it before, the party afterwards is a blast. If you only run one 5K all year run this one.

    • ash03/14/2012

      Brian – Thanks so much! I appreciate that. It’s a great cause – 100% of the proceeds go back to the Katy Trail!

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